About Us

Our story starts in 2017, but the rich heritage of Broedlow Farms goes back to 1876 when Brady’s Great-great grandfather Gustive Broedlow started farming the very same land we farm today in Helenville, WI. We are proud to be the 5th generation on the Broedlow Farm and take great pride in what we produce. Our approach to farming is simple; grow wholesome crops and livestock in a sustainable way to ensure these same resources are available for generations to come. Today we breed, raise and finish quality Hereford and Angus cattle. This start to finish approach gives us the opportunity to control many important aspects including care and nutrition. We are careful to provide the best care and husbandry that each animal deserves, and we follow Beef Quality Assurance guidelines. We also raise nearly all of the feed for our cattle each year giving us control over the quality and integrity of the feed our cattle eat. These premium inputs ensure a high quality cut of beef.