How to Buy Broedlow Beef

We have 3 great ways to buy Broedlow Beef:

  • Whole, halves and quarters available seasonally and must be reserved in advanced. Click here to complete our Broedlow Beef Reservation Form.
  • Beef bundles and ground beef packages. Contact us for pricing and availability. We currently have ground beef in stock!
  • Single cuts of steaks, roasts, and ground beef are available at Gaugert’s Buss Stop on Main Street in Sullivan, WI.

Please understand we are a small farm and still growing, so there may be times of stock out or a bit of a waiting period. Take it from us though, our beef is well worth the wait!

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Have you ever wanted to buy beef in bulk by purchasing a bundle or a side of beef, but find all of the cuts to be confusing? We will help you through this process and the butchers we work with are very helpful as well. The Cattlemen’s Beef Association also has a great resource to search by cut and learn more about what each cut is best for.

For pricing and to order…